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Fatigue, Nausea, Muscle Tremors, Twitches, Chest Pain (see a Doctor), Difficulty Breathing (see a Doctor), Headaches, elevated Blood Pressure, Rapid Heart Rate, Thirst, Visual Disturbances, Vomiting, Grinding of Teeth, Weakness, Dizziness, Profuse Sweating, Chills, Shock Symptoms, Fainting, etc.


Blaming Someone, Confusion, Poor Attention, Poor Decisions, Increase or Decrease in Alertness, Poor concentration, Increase or Decrease in Awareness of Surroundings, Memory Problems, Hyper vigilance, Difficulty Identifying Familiar Objects or People, Poor Problem Solving, Poor Abstract Thinking, Loss of Time Place or Person Orientation, Disturbed Thinking, Nightmares, Intrusive Images, etc.


Anxiety, Guilt, Grief, Denial, Severe Panic, Emotional Shock, Depression, Fear, Uncertainty, Loss of Emotional Control, Inappropriate Emotional Response, Response Apprehension, Feeling Overwhelmed, Intense Anger, Agitation, etc.


Change in Activity, Change in Speech Patterns, Withdrawal, Emotional Outbursts, Suspiciousness, Change in Usual Communications, Increase or Decrease in Appetite, Alcohol Consumption, Inability to Rest, Antisocial Acts, Hyper alert to Environment, Startle Reflex Intensified, Pacing, Erratic Movements, Change in Sexual Functions, etc.

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