York Region CISM Team

20+ Years of Service

Following a significant effort by a dedicated steering committee, the York Region CISM Team officially came into existence in 1996.  Now 20 years later, we continue to provide services to the first responders and their families in York Region and support to our neighbouring CISM Teams.

On Friday, November 4, 2016, we hosted a gala to celebrate the accomplishments of the past 20 years and share our enthusiasm the next 20.  Our Gala Celebration included live entertainment, silent auction, and lots of stress-relieving fun.

20 years ago the helping environment and the attitude about stress, depression, and PTSD was very different.  We salute the pioneers of our team who saw the need, had the courage to take action, and the fortitude to see the project through to completion.

We've continued our work and watched as others have joined.  The Tema Conter Memorial Trust has been a significant benefit to reducing the stigma and increasing the awareness of the suffering of first responders and those who love them.

York Regional Police, York Region Paramedic Services, and Central York Fire have all implemented or are working toward internal peer support programs.  These peer support programs fill a crucial need for members who have stresses caused by other life events and change.

Our partnerships with other groups and organizations providing related support will be a key to the ongoing success of our Team and the shared goal of helping our emergency services personnel enjoy long and healthy careers and retirement.

Who We Are

The York Region Critical Incident Stress Management Team consists of dedicated emergency service workers , Mental Health Professionals, and spouses who volunteer their time to assist peers who encounter a traumatic event. One of only a few  multi-disciplinary teams in Canada, the York Region CISM Team has peer members from all areas of emergency service work.

As a registered charity we are always happy to receive donations.  Visit our donations page to learn a bit more about our team and how you could help.

This service is provided to:

Fire Fighters, EMS Paramedics, Police Officers, Communications and support staff for Fire, EMS and Police as well as Hospital Emergency Room staff.  Services are also provided to spouses of emergency services workers.

Emergency Service workers in York Region, are a very resilient group; a result of high quality training, mental preparation, and experience in the field. Despite having this higher threshold of tolerance, these front-line responders are much more likely to encounter a serious traumatic event or critical incident that could challenge their ability to cope and maintain healthy personal and professional lives.

Using a comprehensive and multi-component approach, the York CISM Team strives to promote resistance, resilience, and recovery for the people we serve.